Medical conferences are important because it is an opportunity to bring a lot of healthcare professionals together to share and discuss a topic. This has been a staple in medicine and is something we do everyday in our professional lives- we consult with each other. The thing is, you don’t necessarily have to go to a conference to benefit from this anymore since the platform like Thefacevalue which helps to collaborate with other professionals.

  • You expand Your network of contacts. No matter what the conference/seminar is about, there are people that have their unique experience in a given issue (the one of the seminar), that could share it with you.
  • At a conference/seminar the information is already 'digested' and given you in an easy to understand way. There is no reason to read a book and guess what the author have been thinking of when writing a chapter, because on a conference the information is delivered for a concrete target audience.
  • Practical exercises. You have them on a conference and you are told what you did wrong and what You did right. Besides that there are handouts with useful information, CDs with training materials, etc.
  • Clarify questions regarding your business. At a conference you can ask questions that cannot be answered by reading a book or blogpost.
  • Physical presence. Yes, you can use a forum/twitter/facebook/mail, but the efficiency is several times worse than when you are physically present at a conference, because: you are not disturbed, you cannot do in parallel several things (like chatting, reading news, watching a youtube video, etc.), you are concentrated, you practice and you receive information through visual, audial and kinesthetic channels simultaneously.
  • It's something different than staying all day long in office and making your job well. For some people this is as well a reason to attend conferences/seminars. It's a way to escape from work routine for some short period of time, which could be both motivational and relaxing.